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The Ultimate Cricut Design Space Course

Learn how to do all the things in Cricut Design Space and make amazing things you can display, share, and sell!

Do you spend too much time spinning your wheels, trying to understand how to do things in Cricut Design Space? Do you have to compromise on what you want just to get something done? Or, worse yet, do you refuse to settle and never finish that project?

What if, instead, you could design and make whatever you wanted in Cricut Design Space, whenever you wanted?

Imagine how it will feel to finally make precisely what you envision, just the way you want, without compromise. Imagine having the know-how to impress everyone, even yourself, with what you can create. Imagine being connected to others who are on the same journey as you... all committed to making beautiful things that they can display, gift to others, and even sell.

Jennifer Maker

Like you, I got my first Cricut cutting machine to help me make things easier. I fell in love with it and since then, I've been teaching crafters how to use Cricut Design Space for more than four years. And like you, I rely on Design Space to create things quickly and smoothly, so I can teach others how to make the hundreds of projects I've designed. I know all the tools and tricks to make Cricut Design Space sing for me whenever and wherever, enabling me to reach millions of viewers every week on my channel, blog, and academy. My ability to use Cricut Design Space easily and quickly has opened every door (and window!) for me, and every day I am amazed and grateful.


Join me for a proven series of in-depth online and on-demand Cricut classes that will get you on your feet and running with all of your amazing ideas, from concept to design to finished project, STEP BY STEP and AT YOUR OWN PACE!

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Who is Jennifer Maker?


Called the "queen of crafting" by her millions of fans, Jennifer is the founder of the wildly popular JenniferMaker blog and channel that both inspires and teaches you how to make beautiful things.

Jennifer has been teaching for decades and is known for her easy-to-follow approach and complete directions from start to finish that anyone can follow. She can teach you how to make pretty much anything!

In addition to teaching, Jennifer is an award-winning designer and author of over 60 published, bestselling books. She and her designs have been featured in FIRST for Women, Country Living, Good Housekeeping, Apartment Therapy, The Oprah Magazine, BuzzFeed, and 5-Minute Crafts, as well as on USA Today and Fox News affiliates.

"Jennifer is by far the best teacher out there. The content is so exceptional, she speaks clearly and give precise details it is so easy to follow along. I have paid for other classes from other groups and she is so much more detailed. I feel like she put so much more into her courses that others do not. I am so fortunate to have found Jennifer!" — Tammie Pontarelli

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As Seen In

What Can You Teach Me?

This step-by-step course teaches you everything you need to know to use Cricut Design Space to create beautiful and personalized projects!

The DESIGN TO SHINE Course is packed with actionable techniques and hands-on projects that teach you how to create beautiful projects on a whim. Use your creations for personal use, gift them to friends and family, or even sell them to earn extra money!  

With DESIGN TO SHINE, you will learn to design and make projects on your own without relying on expensive SVGs or following step-by-step tutorials.

Just imagine...  

  • How amazing it will be to make that project you've been dreaming of.... now!
  • How wonderful it will be when you see a friend, family member, or even a complete stranger display something beautiful you made yourself.
  • How exciting it will be when you sell one of your own crafts for real money!

This comprehensive and powerful course includes step-by-step video lessons and printable workbooks designed to get you results in much less time and with far less frustration than if you tried to figure it out on your own.

This is not just a "how to use Cricut Design Space" course — this is a "how to DESIGN in Cricut Design Space with an award-winning professional designer and then actually make all the things with more fun and less fuss" course!

Student Feedback

What Will I Make?

In DESIGN TO SHINE 101, you will learn to use Cricut Design Space to design, make, and personalize your own...

Pop-Up Card

Pop-Up Flower Pot Card

Iron On Shirt

Custom Iron On T-Shirt

Round Sign

Personalized Wood Sign

In DESIGN TO SHINE 201, you will learn to use Cricut Design Space to design, make, and personalize your own...

Paper Frames

Layered Paper Frame

Paper Flowers

Custom Paper Flowers

Faux Leather Accessories

In DESIGN TO SHINE 301, you will learn to use Cricut Design Space to design, make, and personalize your own...

House Shadow Box

Custom Shadow Boxes

Layered Vinyl Projects

Layered Vinyl Projects

Detailed Mandalas

Detailed Mandalas

Print Then Cut Projects

Print Then Cut Stickers & Tags

Note that these are not the usual projects that are just "load and go" — these are carefully chosen projects to teach you important Cricut Design Space concepts in a step-by-step fashion, building upon and reinforcing what you've learned as you go. You will make some amazing things, yes, but most importantly you will master Cricut Design Space!

Are these specific projects not quite your style or interest? No problem! With the skills I teach you in each unit, you are learning valuable skills that can be applied to the projects you DO want to make, plus you can customize these to be exactly what you want. And I can't wait to see YOUR personal style!

“Absolutely the best classes you’ll find. I love that Jennifer allows the classes to stay available so you can go back and refresh any time. So valuable!”  

Judy Leo and her Design to Shine projects

Judy Leo

“Design to Shine has been amazing! Jennifer Maker is the best teacher! The skills taught build on previous skills and I am confident in my abilities and proud of the projects I have made. Jennifer has so much patience and teaches us to have patience and keep trying when something doesn't work out quite right. She shows us her mistakes so we can learn from them. It's a learning process and I'm so thankful for the safe environment Jennifer and her amazing team provide for all of us to learn. I didn't know how to use my Cricut and was spinning wheels watching multiple videos online, trying to follow the steps to make a project. There are lessons for each machine and operating system, which clearly indicates Jennifer is dedicated to teaching everyone no matter what hardware and software they use. This course greatly increased my confidence in using my machine and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to learn how to use their Cricut or become more skilled with using it.”  

Paula Blanchard and her customized Design to Shine projects (check out the custom shadow box made from a photo of her retired Navy husband and Air Force daughter)

Paula Blanchard
Dawn Woods - Unit 2 Shirt

“I am beyond happy that I signed up for Cricut College Design to Shine. I can do so much more than I ever could before. I loved the projects, the pace, and Jennifer’s friendly 'you can do this' attitude while teaching. What I appreciated more than anything was that I was introduced to skills in a logical sequential way. No more grabbing at bits and pieces on YouTube. This course is extremely valuable! I plan to do it all over again in a few months. The lifetime access is great!”  

Dawn Woods wearing the Unit 2 T-shirt she designed and made!

Such a fantastic course!!! It has lead me back to designing, a passion I once had​. Fantastic teacher, course materials and community to be a part of! This course is going to knock your socks off!!” 

Selina Wilson with her customized Design to Shine projects — her pop-up six-pack card that she designed for her husband's birthday is AH-mazing!

Selina Wilson

Plus there's more beyond just the lessons in the course ... I have special bonuses to continue to support and help you long after you finish the lessons. Check these out...

BONUS: Design Space Toolboxes

Work Smarter and Faster

Wish you had a shape? Or a template? Or knew what fonts to use? Because I have handy toolboxes for all of these things right in Cricut Design Space. And you get access to use, copy, and modify as you see fit. These help you design faster and more accurately! And all shapes, fonts, and other tools are free... you do not need Cricut Access to use these toolboxes.

"I learned so much! Jennifer makes things easy to understand and challenges us to try things we haven’t done before! I’ve learned so many new tips and tricks. The Facebook group is very encouraging. I love seeing other members projects and sharing mine! Everyone is encouraging and supportive. I highly recommend this course."

— Sonya Heard
(pictured here is her Unit 3 project — the round wood door hanger sign she designed and made!)

Sonya Keefe's Unit 3 Project
Carmen Houck

"I bought my Cricut Explore air 2 in March and all my friends only do shirts or mugs, I of course wanted more.. I have learned so much in such a short amount of time. But it's not just about what you learn, but the relationships you build with Jennifer and her crew and the other students. As with me life happens at different times so I worked at my speed and that was great. When I had questions I could ask anyone. This is a community or a family. And it doesn't end when the course does. This was absolutely the best choice I ever made. You will not be sorry. The different courses are fun, and Jennifer makes them exciting, easy, and enjoyable. I highly recommend her course, if your looking to expand your knowledge of you machine, if your looking to make new friends, and if your ready for some fun you came to the right place."

— Carmen Houck
(pictured here are her customized Design to Shine projects

Carmen Houck

BONUS: Behind the Design Videos

Watch Me Make Complex Designs From Scratch

Each unit in Design to Shine comes with a project link so you can hit the ground running and make something amazing. But if you'd like to see HOW I made it from scratch in Cricut Design Space — with NO UPLOADED IMAGES OR SVGS -- so you can learn more about designing, you can! Each unit has a special "Behind the Design" video showing me designing a project in Cricut Design Space from start to finish. These files are pure Cricut Design Space designs. It's fun and fascinating what you can make in Design Space! Watch to learn or just for fun!

Diane Emmich

"I can't thank Jennifer enough for making Cricut so easy! I would have never done this much on my own!! This course is worth every penny! Jennifer is an excellent teacher and has a great support staff!"  

— Diane Emmich
(pictured below are some of her many amazing projects made during this course)

Diane Emmich's Cricut Projects

"I have enjoyed this course sooo much!! From the unboxing, all the way to my last! Thank you Jennifer for being such an awesome teacher!!"  

— Sharon Harvey
(pictured below are her customized Design to Shine projects)

Sharon Harvey

BONUS: Student Group

Ask Questions and Share Ideas in a Safe, Friendly Space with Jennifer and Her Entire Team

The private Facebook group — known as the CRICUT COLLEGE STUDENT GROUP — is where you can continue learning about Cricut Design Space and ask questions of me, my team, and other group members at ANY TIME in a safe, welcoming environment where you can be heard and seen! Plus, you'll also get...

Support and Training

My team and I are present and accessible in the Facebook group on a regular basis to answer your questions, provide support, and share additional training videos, tutorials, and files. We care about your success!

Networking and Answers

Learn from other students as they ask questions, share solutions, work through assignments, share tips, and post their own projects! Get inspired, make friends, and have fun!

"This course is absolutely brilliant. You will learn so so much and you will have fun along the way. I can happily say I completed all the lessons and I’m so proud of myself. One thing that I also discovered was an incredible feeling of being part of a new crafting family. The encouragement and help you will get from other students is incredible. And of course most incredibly is that you will feel like Jennifer is your new BFF. She makes you feel that she is talking to you individually in her course videos and when she likes your project or comments on something you have made…. well trust me, it will make you day shine for sure!"  

— Jenny Zablek
(pictured below are her customized Design to Shine projects)

Jenny Zablek

Jennifer Maker's workshops and tutorials are some of the best available. Her instructions are clear and easy to follow. She even includes mistakes so we all can learn from them. Her upbeat personality makes it easy to listen and follow along. — Sondra Bryson


I would have never opened my Cricut box if I hadn’t first watched JenniferMaker videos and seen her ideas and passion for helping others. I can’t imagine the money, time and frustration I have saved because Jennifer already made those mistakes and learning curve for me. Because of her I see the capabilities that my Cricut Maker has. She’s so ingenious! — Mikki Ashton


I consider myself an advanced crafter but I was very intimidated by my Maker. The good news is I invested in her workshop and now I am a master of my Maker! If I need to know how to do something, I just refer to her instructions. They are one pagers, very succinct and understandable. Throw any doubts away and join the club!Barbara Shook

Answers to ALL Your Questions!

What are the system requirements to take this course?

  • A desktop or laptop computer (Mac or PC) or a mobile device (iOS) capable of running Cricut Design Space. I cover Mac, Windows, iPhone, and iPad. You need only one of these, not all of these. (Note: If you are unable to get the Cricut Design Space software installed because you do not have a computer or device that supports it, you can get a refund for the course -- no worries!)

When this course is completed, you will feel comfortable in Cricut Design Space and know how to make beautiful things on your Cricut! Your options will be limitless.  

What else should I have for this course?

  • A Cricut cutting machine capable of running the current version of Cricut Design Space — this course covers and includes Cricut Explore, Cricut Explore One, Cricut Explore Air, Cricut Explore Air 2, Cricut Explore 3, Cricut Maker, Cricut Maker 3, and Cricut Joy, Cricut Joy Xtra, and Cricut Venture. Older machines like a Cricut Expression cannot use Cricut Design Space, so you would not be able to use that cutting machine for this course.
  • The current version of Cricut Design Space — Desktop version or iOS version version (yes, I support and teach ALL of these versions in this course). If you do not have the software installed yet, no worries — I will walk you through that in this course. You DO NOT need to be a Cricut Access subscriber to take my course — you can be a free user of the software and get the full benefit from what I teach.
  • Supplies and tools to make the projects for each unit (optional, but encouraged). You're welcome to learn without making, of course. If you do make the projects, I offer full and complete project supply lists for each unit, available as soon as you enroll!

Do you provide the supplies and tools for the course?

No, you are responsible for purchasing your own supplies and tools. But I offer tips on where to find them and what works best!

When does the course begin? Can I go at my own pace?

Enrollment is now closed to ensure an awesome learning environment for our students. If you already enrolled, you can begin immediately.

In order to keep you on track and not overwhelm you, the course presents a new unit of lessons and a fun, hands-on creative project each week, but you can go faster or slower.

If you are busy, you may start later, so long as you are in before enrollment closes. You may also go at a slower pace than weekly, if you wish.

This is a self-paced course that you can access at any time you wish, re-visit whenever you want, re-play videos on demand, and re-download workbooks as needed.

When does enrollment end?

We limit our enrollment period so we can ensure that enrolled students get the same amazing results as our other students. Enrollment for Cricut College is now closed! Join the waitlist to get updates for our next launch of Cricut College.

What if I am busy and can't start right away?  

No worries! This is a completely self-paced online course — you decide when you start and when you finish. You can pause and restart whenever you wish, too. Enroll now to secure your spot.

How long do I have access to the course?

How does access for the lifetime of this course sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like — across any and all devices you own. That means as I update it, which I will, you get free access to the updates, too.

How long will the course take?

This depends on what tier of the program you sign up for, but you can expect each unit to take 1 hour to learn and 1-3 hours to craft, depending on the project. I recommend doing one unit per week to avoid overwhelm. This gives you time to watch, learn, and make! If you enroll in the Platinum Tier with all 10 units, the course is approximately 10 weeks long (assuming you take 10 weeks -- you may take more or less time, it's entirely up to you).

I’ve tried other Design Space classes. How is yours different?

DESIGN TO SHINE is a project-based program that builds upon itself logically in each unit, walking you through every important task, step by step. Each thing I teach is explained clearly in searchable videos and printable workbooks, and then reinforced over and over in a variety of ways to make sure you learn in the way that works best for you. I don’t skip steps — I take you through slowly, explaining everything as I go. You are fully supported through our Q&A Center, Play-by-Play videos, Behind the Design videos, and our private Student Group. And you can watch and re-watch whenever and wherever. Oh, I help everyone, regardless of whether you are on Design Space for Desktop or iOS, so even if you have Desktop right now, when you get that brand new iPad next year, you can revisit Design to Shine and learn how to use Design Space in iOS, too! This is a true program, one built carefully and thoughtfully to really teach you how to independently make projects on your own without relying on expensive SVGs or following step-by-step tutorials for the rest of your crafting life.

Is this updated for the latest versions of Cricut Design Space?

Cricut Design Space is constantly changing, but we're also always updating our course! We recently uploaded TEN new videos to the course, all covering the latest versions of Cricut Design Space for Desktop and iOS. And one of those videos is a special video all about the latest changes to help you navigate the new version. PLUS, all of the bonus cheat sheets are also updated — over 80 pages in all! We will continue to update the course as changes are introduced, too!

What is Cricut College?

Cricut College is my project-based program to teach you key Cricut Design Space concepts so that by the time you graduate, you can make projects on your own without relying on expensive SVGs or having to find and follow step-by-step tutorials.

This is an unofficial educational program that is not associated Cricut or Provo Craft. Cricut and Cricut Design Space are registered trademarks of Provo Craft. Use of them does not imply any affiliation with or endorsement by them.

The DESIGN TO SHINE course being offered is a part of the Cricut College program, and it will be a prerequisite for future advanced Cricut workshops taught by Jennifer Maker and her team.

Do I need to be a Cricut Access subscriber?

No, you DO NOT need to be a Cricut Access subscriber to take my course — you can be a free user of the software and get the full benefit from what I teach. But I also help all Cricut Access subscribers get the most of their subscription, too. Either way works for this course!

I have a Cricut Joy. How can I cut the projects you show here on my Joy?

You CAN do it! I specially designed our unit projects so they could be cut on the Joy as well as Explore and Maker. I have many Cricut Joy students!

Do I have to download SVGs?

No, this is a pure Cricut Design Space course and everything I teach you is made within Design Space. You do not need to download ANYTHING except the initial Cricut Design Space software/app, any extra fonts you want, my workbooks, and a couple of PNGs.

Is this content made just for the course, or recycled projects from your blog and channel?

I developed the lessons and projects solely for DESIGN TO SHINE! They are specially designed to introduce concepts in the right order without overwhelm. If you haven't done Design to Shine, you haven't done these projects yet. And you won't find them on my blog or YouTube channel, either. These are exclusive projects just for my students.

Why should I enroll in a course instead of watch a free YouTube video or read a blog tutorial?

This in-depth course is designed for those who want a comprehensive program that leads you through learning in the RIGHT ORDER so that you truly learn and remember. And you can ask questions and feel confident that you'll get help here! This course is also great for those who enjoy learning from Jennifer's easy-to-understand, calm, and clear method of teaching. This is a no-fluff, no-mess, no-distraction course ... it's like sitting down with Jennifer in her home's craft room to learn directly from her! Oh, and it's fun, too!

Is this course worth it?

My students are the best ones to tell you! Here's a thread in my Cricut Crafters & Makers Facebook group in which someone asked if it was worth it ... read what my students said without any prompting from me!

Do I have to have to use Facebook for this course?

No. All videos, workbooks, files, and resources are stored in the Course Area in our Teachable school system, which does not share a login with Facebook. That said, the private Facebook group is a great place to ask questions, see answers to other's questions, and get inspiration!

Are the classes live?

No. All videos are pre-recorded and professionally edited to ensure maximum learning in a distraction-free environment. There are over 10 hours of video in DESIGN TO SHINE!

Is it all video, or is any of it written out?

I believe that we learn in a variety of ways, so I offer different ways to learn in my courses — there are full and complete videos, yes, but there are also professionally-made and edited digital workbooks with the text and photos for every step as well. In fact, there are over 600 pages across all the workbooks!

How much does it cost to enroll?

My DESIGN TO SHINE course is available at three different levels with three different pricing tiers, as well as convenient payment plans, to accommodate a wide range of interests and budgets. Our payment plans are quite affordable and easy to use. You can see all the pricing details below!

Are there coupons for the course?

No, but we've already discounted it to be affordable without any coupons needed. The course is worth SO much more than we're charging, because we want it to be accessible to our community.

I already consider myself advanced and do not need the beginner 101 or intermediate 201 courses. Can I skip those?

All units in DESIGN TO SHINE build off the prior units, and I introduce key concepts, tips, and tricks throughout the units that are important to understand for good design. We ask that all students, regardless of their experience or knowledge level, progress through units in order to ensure we are all on the same page as we work through projects. Thus, it is not possible to sign up for just 201, or just 301. Thank you for understanding!

If I begin at Silver, can I upgrade later?

Yes, you can contact us at to request an upgrade! Please note that our pro-rated upgrade fees are calculated based on the current fee for the tier at the time of upgrade, not the price it would have cost to upgrade when you first enrolled. We do expect to increase prices for all enrollment tiers later in 2024, so you may wish to lock your upgrade in before that date.

How is DESIGN TO SHINE different from your CUT ABOVE course?

The CUT ABOVE SVG Design Course focuses on using Illustrator and Inkscape to make SVG cut files. The DESIGN TO SHINE course focuses on using Cricut Design Space solely without SVGs (I mean you can use them, but I'm not teaching with SVGs). All DESIGN TO SHINE projects are made IN Cricut Design Space with FREE elements that either I made for students right in Design Space or they make themselves. It's a pure Design Space design course. There's also more education on how to use the Cricut than I put into Cut Above -- I show how to use all five Cricut cutting machines in DESIGN TO SHINE.

Will this course teach me to make SVG cut files?

No. I teach students how to do that in CUT ABOVE. I'd recommend taking DESIGN TO SHINE before taking CUT ABOVE, however. I do offer special student discounts to DESIGN TO SHINE students who want to enroll in CUT ABOVE, and they can enroll at any time rather than wait for a public enrollment period.

Does this include Cricut Coach Playbook?

No, the Cricut Coach Playbook guide is not included in the purchase of this course, nor is it needed. We provide everything you need to learn Cricut Design Space within the course.

Will this course help me start a craft-related business?

Oh yes! Making, personalizing, and selling crafts is a winning formula for Etsy shop owners, as well as crafters who want to make and sell unique designs locally. The DESIGN TO SHINE course will help you learn how to design and make beautifully finished projects that people are willing to buy! Many of my students have gone on to become income-generating business owners after taking my courses. And — bonus — the projects I teach you how to make in this course are all popular and sought-after items that are highly sale-able.

Can I sell the projects I make in this course?

Yes, you can sell the finished projects! Many of my students are doing so very successfully!

What if I am unhappy with the course?

I would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact me within 30 days of your enrollment and I will give you a full refund. Please view my refund policy here for more details.

Can you really teach me Cricut Design Space?  

I will certainly do everything in my power to help! I am very patient when teaching and quite experienced at teaching a wide variety of levels of students. I also now employ a whole team of talented people to help me help you make the most of this course — these are not volunteers, but paid and skilled educators (my employees) who help me support my students. We are here for you! If you're still not sure if I can do this, check out all of the awesome testimonials offered by my students below!

I have taught millions of people how to use Cricut Design Space ... and in this special, in-depth and hands-on course, I can teach YOU, too!

Will I be able to ask questions?

Yes! You can post a question anytime in the private Facebook group and/or send us an email at and we're happy to help!

Praise from Jennifer's Students

Facebook Group Feedback

"I am really enjoying your course and also learning a lot. I find it easy to learn from your videos and have even gone back and replayed lessons to refresh my memory. I love that there is lifetime access; this is one of the main reasons I signed up for it. The added bonus of the workbooks were a totally unexpected and a fantastic reference." -- Sherrie Lou

"Jennifer, I have enjoyed this class so much! You’re a wonderful teacher and you’ve given me a path to a new outlet for my creative energy. I know that, with practice, I can go anywhere and do anything I want to from here on out. The sky is the limit! You’ve taught and encouraged each one in this class to try and fail until we try and succeed—and it’s OKAY! We learn from our mistakes and, boy, have I learned A LOT! LOL! The information you’ve taught us consisting of step-by-step instruction for simple to complex projects has given us confidence to tackle even the most complex instructions and come out on top, excited to have accomplished the completion of each and every project with your tips and pointers including personalized trouble shooting. THANK YOU! High five please!" -- Judy Krull

"Oh Jennifer! Where do I begin?!? I knew the first time I read about it, that this course was my chance to open a door leading to many adventures for me. Each lesson has been a new learning experience. Some of the lessons were lots of fun and some of them were more challenging, but all of them are very informative. And the one thing that I was REALLY impressed with was the ability to get one on one help!! That makes any problem less daunting. And, believe it or not, it helps to see others posting their questions too. More than once I've found answers or easier ways to do things. I just can't say enough good things. I would absolutely recommend this course to ANYONE that likes crafts of any kind. I can promise that if you do take this course, you will have fun and you WILL LEARN A LOT!!" -- Lelia Dorado

"I was terrified of my Cricut machine at first. Everything I attempted was a disaster! By taking Jennifer’s course, I have tamed that beast called Cricut & I am making many, many projects! Thank you Jennifer!" -- Renee Banbury 

"I love the your course! I have learned so much. When I started I had no clue how to navigate. You have been a great teacher and I am so happy I invested in this class!" -- Debbie Berke

"Taking your course was one of the best learning adventures I have been on in a long time. I was so out of the loop on crafting and doing this course was just what I needed. I found your course to be a great learning adventure. I recommend it to as many people as I can, as often as I can. Love your easy way of teaching. You have a true talent and skill set that is rare with so many of the e-courses. Thank you for all you do." -- Helen Roberts

"Everything you have out there has helped me learn how to use my Cricut, personalize gifts for friends and family, and try things I would have never dreamed I could do. I have taken a bit of a break on the course, having lifetime access removes any pressure to finish the course in a set amount of time. However, I recently had some issues with installing fonts and was able to go back and look at videos at the beginning of the course that helped. I am having great fun!" -- Patty Valker  

Even More Praise from Jennifer's Students

"This class has been amazing. I have been a lifetime crafter and novice cricut user. This class has elevated my use of the cricut to endless possibilities and reinvigorated my love for crafting." — Rose Bailey

"Jennifer is an excellent teacher. She takes you through each project step by step with great thought to all the little details. She is very quick to address any questions that you might have about a project. You will learn a lot from taking this course even if you have been using Design Space for a while & you will have a very supportive community behind you every step of the way. Have fun!" -- Rhonda Pagano

"The knowledge I gained from JenniferMaker Cricut College is invaluable. This course delivers all the in-depth tutorials, information, and personal attention needed to choose and use the correct material and Cricut tools, successfully work alongside Jennifer to make beautiful creations, and ultimately create your own designs. Prior to taking this course, I had very little knowledge of Cricut Design Space and was intimidated when I attempted one of the available designs. I am no longer intimidated by these designs and am now capable of designing my own. THANK YOU Jennifer for going above and beyond to make this course a success!" -- Cindy Klinger

" I enjoyed the course so much, it has changed me - I have became so passionate about my Cricut Maker, and I love making gifts for friends and family and our home. Thank you Jennifer." -- Leanne Vogt 

"This course has been worth every penny. I have learnt so much about how to use my Cricut & all the wonderful things it can do. This course is amazing & I have designed things I never thought I could do! Jennifer Maker & all her team are so supportive & encouraging. Well worth the time & money for sure." -- Dorothy Newsham

"Design to Shine is full of fun and information. There were a couple of units that I thought to myself before starting them, 'Oh, this will be a piece of cake. I already know how to do this.' I may have known how to do it one way but I still learned something. Sometimes an easier way, sometimes a different way, and sometimes I learned the reason I always had problems was that I was doing it the wrong way. The thing is … I LEARNED SOMETHING NEW IN EVERY SINGLE LESSON! Thank you, Jennifer, for your incredible, thorough, and very informative teaching and the best fun I’ve had in a while! You rock! -- Donna Brockman

"Cricut College has been worth every cent paid. The support from Jennifer's team and the Facebook community is an incredible added plus. Jennifer is an incredible teacher and the content is first rate, complete, detailed and chocked full of tips. The course is self-paced so you can do it when you have time, there's no need to rush through at all." -- Diana Jan

""Este curso de Jennifer Maker ha sido una de las mejores inversiones q he hecho, tomé el curso Platino,(el mas caro) y la facilidad de pagarlo en 3 cuotas me dio la oportunidad de tener acceso a todos los videos y recursos q Jennifer pone a nuestra disposición y lo mejor: De Por Vida!! Siempre voy a poder revisar los videos y ver las actualizaciones de ellos con el paso del tiempo. Si quieren aprender a usar su Cricut y no tenerle miedo a Design Space, les recomiendo que tomen el curso, no se van a arrepentir. Las clases son en Ingles, pero aunque el Ingles no es nuestra lengua materna, podemos seguir los pasos, con solo ver los videos, Jennifer enseña hasta a donde darle click en la pantalla." — Mayra Guerra

"OMG this course has been the best experience I have had in a long time. I learned so much and one of the best parts is that people are so encouraging and helpful. Jennifer and her team are very present and help with any questions you may possibly have. The pictures shared in the group give those of us who have trouble visualizing the little jump step we need to make very amazing things. I found myself craving to learn more. I would love to encourage others as I have been encouraged and would love to share photos for examples and ideas. I truly loved every moment of this course and hope that newbies do too." — Jennifer Antos

"Jennifer, your classes are the best as, in a jovial manner, cover most every angle of a situation and teach so every style of learning is factored in. In your classes, any crafter, at any level, can learn how use (or better use) their Cricut machine, then expand their knowledge to create designs of their own whether for personal use & gifts or as a professional for their business. Also, you & your staff are wonderful as you are: always positive; if you don't have an answer, you either direct one to Cricut &/or allow other students to give suggestions/answers; and show your own work along with tips or struggles and solutions. Everyone (Jennifer, staff & other crafters) makes the class seem like we are a group of friends gathered together to work on our projects all at our own pace and without criticism. I'm looking forward to continuing, learning more tips and techniques, and completing great projects." — Hope Bonnell

"First I want to say how happy I am that I signed up for the Design to Shine course. I had purchased a Cricut Explore many years ago and never used it. Mainly because I didn't know how. Everything has to be done in Design Space and no instructions come with the machine. So I somehow found some of your videos just about a year ago. I loved how you explained everything. So because I wanted to do more things with a Cricut machine, I bought the Cricut Maker when they were on sale. I was eager to learn how to use it. So when the Design to Shine course was offered, I jumped at the chance to try and learn more. I have only completed up to lesson 4 so far, but I am so happy with everything I am learning so far. I am learning so much and I know so much about Design Space that I never would have learned on my own. Jennifer is such a great teacher. She goes through each step and explains it so you can understand it. I love that I can take my time and go at my own pace. There are always people in the group going at different paces so you don't have to feel bad if you are not doing the same project as everyone else. Also, it's wonderful that I can print out every lesson and put them in binder! Then I can refer back to them. I also want to say that Jennifer has a great team of people that encourage you and help in any way they can. So if you have a Cricut machine and want to learn how to use it - sign up for the Design to Shine course! You will not regret it , and it's well worth the money for the cost of the course! I am excited to learn even more after I complete the next 6 lessons!" — Carol Mathewson

"I had my Cricut for at least a year, collecting dust. This course has gotten me over my fear of Cricut. I have learned so much, including getting over the idea of perfection. Your lessons are so easy to follow that I am making things that I never thought I could. Thank you!" - Karin Baldwin

"This course for me has been absolutely worth EVERY penny. I have had my Cricut for approximately a year and would have considered myself a moderately experienced user before taking this course. I have learned so very much and have enjoyed every minute. So much so that I plan to go through again with the next class of students! Thanks Jennifer for such a wonderful experience!!" — Michaele Potter

"Even though I’m not new to Cricut I signed up for this class to venture out of my comfort zone. There were several projects that I had no experience with so I learned a lot of new skills. Jennifer teaches in a way that makes everything easy to understand and the Facebook group has been fantastic with tips, tricks, and general cheering you on.

Holly Markgraf

"I’ve always credited Jennifer for me actually using my Cricut. Otherwise, I’m fairly sure I would’ve given up or would not even think to create so many things. This course took it all to a whole new level! I learned so many new techniques and got so many ideas. I highly recommend this course to anyone from beginner to the more experienced Cricut user." 

Terri Boutin

"I learned a lot from this class. Jennifer is a fabulous teacher. Her instructions are very clear and easy to follow. You can go at your own pace. I watch the entire instructions first then play it again and stop and start as I make the project. I am not very computer literate so some times it takes awhile for me to get the computer part. The projects were fun to make!" 

Sue Graden

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