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Who I'm Looking For

Are you an excellent planner, organizer, and facilitator?

I might just have the perfect role for you!  

I am looking for a part-time employee to help me at JenniferMaker as a "Sidekick" (aka "personal assistant"). This is a hybrid position, primarily remote but will be required to run errands and transport items to our local studio locations in Ann Arbor and Dexter, MI.

This position focuses on assisting me (Jennifer, CEO of JenniferMaker) with organizing and managing my online and in-person worlds. As a Sidekick, you will help me stay focused on high ROI activities and tasks, either by organizing and preparing me to do them, or by taking on lower ROI activities and tasks to free me up. The ideal candidate will be experienced with personal assistant or executive assistant work, as well as familiar with the JenniferMaker brand.

The person who is right for this position loves to ensure that plans are made, schedules are organized, roadblocks are eliminated, and that I am always prepared for whatever comes my way.

While perhaps not quite yet an expert, this person does have a solid grasp of organization skills, familiarity with the JenniferMaker blog, courses, and ebooks, and a basic understanding of Cricut and sublimation crafting.

This position is accountable for the following:

  • Monitor, organize, and maintain my work and personal calendars and emails;
  • Assist with my personal items, appointments, reminders, errands, and any needed travel and/or transportation arrangements;
  • Review and track my deadlines and create a prioritized daily to do list for me, and send me reminders at appropriate times; and
  • Work as a cohesive team with the Chief Operating Officer's Sidekick to achieve goals.

This position involves a combination of organization, attention to detail, and follow-through, and it has high expectations for meeting deadlines and maintaining confidentiality.

Are you ready to be a Sidekick for the JenniferMaker brand?

Position Details

Status: This is a part-time employee position (not a contractor position).

Hours: 20 hours/week; flexibility and ability to pivot is a must, including available and willing to work weekends and some non-traditional hours as needed. 

Location: This is a hybrid position - primarily remote but will be required to run errands and transport items to our local studio locations in Ann Arbor and Dexter, MI. The person in this position must live within a 30-minute commute of Ann Arbor/Dexter, MI.

Salary Range: $17.00 - $20.00 per hour

Special Note: As a JenniferMaker employee, you will not be able to engage in any outside activity that could be construed as a conflict of interest, such as running or working on your own craft blog or crafting business, or someone else's craft blog or crafting business.


  • Manages confidential information.
  • Monitors, organizes, and maintains my work and personal calendar, including but not limited to creating a daily calendar reminder list with a week in review on Mondays.
  • Monitors, organizes, and maintains my work and personal email accounts, including but not limited to reviewing emails daily, forwarding emails that other team members can respond to, and elevating urgent issues that only I can handle.
  • Follows through, reminds, and pushes things forward to me as necessary, including but not limited to monitoring project deadlines and reminding me of anything that is ready or waiting for me to review.
  • Helps me get prepared for daily tasks.
  • Helps me manage my personal work and home affairs, including running errands, hiring service providers, home decorating and special events, and providing support in any capacity as necessary.
  • Helps me stay focused on high ROI activities and tasks, either by organizing and preparing them for me to do, or by taking on lower ROI activities and tasks to free me up.
  • Transports items to and from our multiple studio locations, as needed (Ann Arbor and Dexter).
  • Works as a cohesive team with the Chief Operating Officer’s Sidekick to achieve organizational goals.
  • Understands that copyrights and ownership for designs created for the JenniferMaker brand will belong to the brand.
  • Effectively and respectfully communicates with the team as needed on behalf of me or under my direction.
  • Has the best interest of the JenniferMaker brand in mind.
  • Helps us look good to our readers and community.
  • Works with minimal supervision.
  • Additional duties as assigned.

Things You've Done in the Past

  • Minimum of two (2) years experience as a personal assistant, executive assistant, or similar position.
  • Knowledge and experience working with Apple devices, including iPhone, iPad, and Mac computers.
  • Experience with Gmail, Google Drive, Google Sheets, Google Docs, Google Forms, and Facebook.  
  • Preference may be given to candidates who have experience working with a virtual team.
  • Knowledge and understanding of Cricut and sublimation crafting.
  • Project management skills and experience are a plus.
  • Must live within a 30-minute commute of Ann Arbor/Dexter, MI.

Things I'd Love For You to Know (optional, not required)

Experience with a Cricut cutting machine and Cricut Design Space

Sublimation experience

Craft and DIY skills

IT skills


Note: I'd just like familiarity, not expertise, with how to generally use these tools. If you don't have it but are willing to learn, great!

This Position is NOT For a Person Who:

Already has a lot going on and doesn't have the time and focus to do a quality job

Isn't interested in providing excellence, growing, and learning

Wants to be front and center, rather than working in the background

Is unwilling to go the extra step to make our brand look good to our readers and community, and to reflect our Core Values

Needs immediate supervision, firm structure, and frequent feedback

Will take community problems or complaints personally

Has unreliable Internet or computer access (you must have your own Mac or Windows desktop or laptop for this position -- ChromeBooks and tablets will not get the job done)

Wants to learn how to blog or run a business from Jennifer. As an employee, you will not be able to have your own blog or craft-related business, as that would be a conflict of interest and split your focus. This position requires 100% focus on growing the JenniferMaker brand and community.

This Position IS For a Person Who:

  • Has exceptional communication and project management skills, with excellent spelling and grammar.
  • Is able to maintain confidentiality.
  • Has good social etiquette and social skills.
  • Can anticipate needs ahead of time.
  • Has excellent follow-through with the ability to meet deadlines.
  • Possesses an aptitude in problem solving.
  • Has a desire to work as a team with a results driven approach.
  • Has a great feel for the JenniferMaker brand and what our people want from it.
  • Is highly resourceful and quickly learns the how and where to get things done.
  • Is responsive and proactive rather than reactive.
  • Is self-motivated, takes initiative, and doesn't need to have their hand held.
  • Is solution-focused and when faced with a challenge is able to provide potential solutions rather than focus on the problem.
  • Has a great attention to detail and brand quality.
  • Is highly creative.
  • Is able to follow directions or innovate as needed.
  • Is highly organized but moves quickly.
  • Takes ownership and pride in their work.
  • Is not afraid of new challenges.
  • Loves learning new things and can implement new ideas quickly.
  • Adapts very well to changes on-the-go.
  • Is technology savvy but is willing to ask for help if needed.
  • Can handle direct feedback without getting their feelings hurt.
  • Can juggle lots of moving pieces while staying focused and collected.
  • Is willing and able to complete training and learn new systems 
  • Understands their role and works as part of a team for the good of the JenniferMaker brand.
  • Works smarter.
  • Loves to rise above and offer solutions.
  • Is real and "Jenuine."
  • Expects and strives for excellence always.
  • Is driven to grow.
  • Knows our word is our bond.
  • Is compassionate.
  • Maintains professionalism.
  • Follows protocol and proper chain of command even when faced with challenges.

Why Should I Be Interested in This Career?

Team JenniferMaker

You’ll get to work in a fun business that helps change and improve people’s lives through their handmade creations.

You’ll get to work with an awesome team of people who make things happen!

You will have the resources you need to do your job well.  

You will get answers to any and all questions you have.

You'll have access to AMAZING benefits including 401(k), paid time off, paid holidays, and MUCH more!

You’ll have flexibility with your schedule.

You’ll be paid to do the things you already love and rock!

Why This Job is Important

This position will involve working closely with me and all members of the JenniferMaker team to ensure that our fast-growing company runs smoothly.

You will be responsible for creating a positive experience and managing my workflow, which influences every aspect of our company and by extension every crafter and maker in our community -- all of our readers, members, and students. 

Brand quality and making everything work seamlessly is the foundation to our expansion and growth long term.

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Questions before you apply? Please email our HR Hero, Karla, at karla@jennifermaker.com