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What is the Genius Bloggers Toolkit?

The Toolkit is a collection of 86 expert blogging trainings that would cost over $7,500 individually, but are available together for a SUPER limited time at a 97% discount.

The Genius Bloggers Toolkit is extremely popular among bloggers. I know many bloggers who buy it every year. Me? I've gotten it three times so far. I did NOT buy it in my first year of blogging even though I was aware of it. (You'll see why. Keep reading.)

The 2020 edition of the Genius Bloggers Toolkit is available now until Monday, September 28, 2020 and goes away until 2021, when it comes back with an entirely different set of resources.

Around this time of the year, the Toolkit is pretty much all bloggers are talking and asking about. And the big question for most people is...

Should I buy it?

Here is a letter I wrote for my fellow bloggers considering the Toolkit to help them decide:

I'm going to give you my brutally honest answer about whether or not the Toolkit is worth it here. Please consider reading this before you buy it.

Generally speaking, I think those who can benefit from the Toolkit are:

1. VERY new bloggers or want-to-be bloggers — especially those who have not yet found (or can't afford) a foundational blogging course. If you are thinking of blogging or are a new blogger, I think this the Toolkit is super helpful for getting started.

2. Bloggers ready to monetize — if you're at the point where you're ready to monetize your blog, there's a lot of good resources in the Toolkit to help with this

3. Established bloggers — those who have a blog that is already bringing some income and has good systems in place, and are ready to deep-dive into specific topics.

So who do I think should avoid getting the Toolkit? The bloggers in the "messy middle" who can be distracted and waylaid by the Toolkit. That's probably a lot of bloggers. I define the messy middle as those who already have their blogs up, mailing list platforms in place, and really just need to keep making content and attracting people to turn them from visitors to subscribers. Remember, content is king and you need to be prioritizing that content early on in your blogging journey.

In 2017, I was #2 and I bought it. In 2018 and 2019, I was at #3. But in 2016, I was in my messy middle and did NOT buy it.

So if you're not in the "messy middle," what's the benefit of the Toolkit?

Because so many of you ask for my opinion on the Toolkit each year, I got a copy of the Genius Bloggers Toolkit to evaluate the offerings for you.

This year's is even better than last year's. And it's still WAY overwhelming. The key is to focus on a few resources that exceed what you paid for it, really use and implement those items you identified as valuable, and KEEP WORKING ON YOUR BLOG. (Sorry, am I beating a dead horse here?)

So after looking through the list of resources, here's a list of the people I think could benefit from the Toolkit:

  • Those who want to blog but are brand new to the idea. Several resources are perfect for new bloggers, including The Niche Choosing Playbook (to help you choose a profitable blogging niche in 30 minutes), New Blog Tonight (a step-by-step course to set up a WordPress blog), The WordPress Studio (a video tutorial showing you how to use your blogging software), the 28-Day Blog Launch Calendar (to get your blog off to an amazing start), and Deluxe Blogging Binder Printables (79 printable pages to help bloggers organize every area of their blog business).
  • Those in need of a mailing list platform. One of the bonuses is 60 days of ConvertKit for new customers (if you already have an account, you can get 10 free automations). That's $58 right there. ConvertKit is hands down the BEST email marketing platform, and I credit it with some of my phenomenal mailing list growth in the past two and a half years.
  • Those who need to automate their Pinterest launch plans. Another one of the bonuses is a $45 off of Tailwind for Pinterest or Instagram. I use Tailwind to launch my pins and it means I barely spend any time on it now.
  • Those who want my brand new Course Crush quick start course worth $97 ... I'll get to that in a minute.55

So if you focused just on those resources right there, you'd have a $500 value for $97. Is that worth it? Yes, definitely. You could safely ignore everything else and keep focusing on your blog.

I found a lot of other valuable things in the Toolkit, but whether or not they are helpful depends on where you are in your blogging journey. It may be more beneficial to simply buy the ONE thing you need directly from whomever is selling it rather than getting the entire bundle. So you'd need several things that you know for sure you'll use to make it worth it. Here are more things I like (and personally vouch for — I know each and every one of these course creators personally) and who I think could use them:

  • Building your blogging business takes a big mindset shift and the Think Like A Boss course by Faith Mariah can be a HUGE boost to your mental health. Faith is truly one of the best people I know at doing this, and she can really help you.
  • For those who struggle with organizing their blogging tasks, take the Deluxe Blogging Binder Printables by Abby Lawson. Abby has a wonderful binder to help you get organized.
  • For those who need help growing their Facebook group, you'll like the Profitable Facebook Group Workshop: Create & Leverage A Group To Build Community & Increase Sales by Alison Reeves. This talented blogger knows her Facebook!
  • For those ready to monetize their blogs with but are unsure what to make, take the Fill-in-the-Blank eBook & Optin Freebie Templates by Lena Gott. This awesome lady is great at helping new bloggers get in front of the right audience.
  • For those ready to monetize their blog and start offering valuable services, take the Services By Number by Suzi & John Whitford. Their courses are hugely popular, and for good reason.
  • For those ready to try promoted pins, take the Pin Practical Primer Starter Kit course by Monica Froese. I have taken her Promoted Pins course and it's excellent!

I'm barely scratching the surface here. There's a ton of value here, but ... it's overwhelming. What some people do is get the Toolkit, take immediate advantage of enough resources to make it worth their money, and hold the rest in reserve for when they have a specific project. For example, when you're ready to try your hand at a webinar, you can come back to the Toolkit and do the Plan Your Money Making Webinar to Make Sales Over & Over Again.

You have access to the e-books and courses in the Toolkit for one year, and once you download them or register, you keep access forever.

If you want to see the full list of what's in the Toolkit, click here.

If you think you could benefit from the Toolkit, buy it here.

Note: If you know exactly what you want to use from the Toolkit, get just the Toolkit itself for $97. If you're feeling even a little overwhelmed by the list, get the toolkit + cheat sheets for $147.

Now, because I have been SO impressed with the Toolkit over the years, I contributed my own resource this year. In fact, I am putting my brand new course that's normally valued at $97 into the Toolkit, and — for now — it's the only way to get it. It's called COURSE CRUSH Quick-Start and it's my method of creating courses based on what your audience needs! My goal is to teach you critical concepts and actionable steps to find what your people want to learn from you, how to come up with a course idea that is actually in demand, and then go on to outline the entire course. After that, it's just a matter of putting your plan into action!

Get the Tool Kit + My Course!


I'm so excited about Genius Blogger's Toolkit (GBTK) that I'm going to sweeten the pot if you get it. If you purchase the Toolkit, not only will you get my COURSE CRUSH quick-start course but I'm going to throw in some special bonuses:  

Bonus #1 - Access to my personal spreadsheet of comments/tips/notes about the resources in Genius Bloggers Tool Kit so you know what to focus on and avoid overwhelm. It will help you identify the best resources and make it more manageable. Someone gave me their notes like for another collection and it was SUPER helpful for honing in and staying focused.  

Bonus #2 - A special invitation to my exclusive Profitable Products workshop! This live workshop gives you an overview of the types of products you can sell in a blog or small business, with pros and cons for each, simple methods for identifying product needs among your audience, and ways to test your product idea before you commit 100% (super important!). This is a $47 value alone.

Bonus #3 - Access to my Blog Boost Bank, a special collection of 10 motivational videos (not available for purchase separately). I know many of you expressed interest in this when I offered it earlier this year as a bonus for EBA enrollment, so here's your chance to get it!  

Ok, this may be overly generous. I'm just really excited about this, and you know how much I enjoy giving things.  

These bonuses are only available if you buy the Genius Bloggers Toolkit through this page! If you do decide to get GBTK, just forward me your purchase receipt/confirmation email by September 29 at 10:00 am to and I'll send you my THREE bonuses. It's that simple.  

"I love how this bundle is jam-packed with so much value covering all the different areas that bloggers need to master on their blogging journey.

Within a year of purchasing my first bundle, I was already earning a full-time income as a blogger!"

Frances Vidakovic

The full list of resources in this Toolkit:

Affiliate Marketing

  • Supercharge Your Affiliate Income
  • The Zero To Superhero Affiliate Marketing Training Bundle: How to Conquer Affiliate Sales as a New Blogger
  • VIP Affiliate Superstars Toolkit


  • The Essential Blogger Mindset Handbook: The Mindset You Need To Achieve Blogging Success
  • The Intentional Influencer: Make an Impact as a Christian in Business and/or Ministry
  • Think Like A BossYour Blogging Breakthrough

Networking and Growth

  • A Blogger's Guide to Working With Brands: Start Earning Even More Money for Your Blog
  • Are You Ready for a VA?
  • From Entrepreneur to CEO
  • How to Confidently Pitch Yourself to Brands in 2020
  • How To Make Money As An Influencer
  • Keep Your Clients
  • Services By Number
  • The Ultimate Pitching Guide

Content Creation and Promotion

  • 52 Prompts
  • Batching Masterclass: Creating Systems in Your Business
  • Content Creation Blueprint: Fast and Easy Strategies to Write More, Sell More, and Work Less
  • Content Scaling SuccessContent Multiplier
  • Convert: How to Turn Readers into Fans
  • Handbook of Secret Copywriting Formulas The Boost Your Blog Binder: 170+ Blog Post Ideas & MORE!
  • Truly Evergreen NewslettersWrite Better, Right Now

Creating & Selling Products

  • 1 Hour eBooks & PDFs
  • Bling Your Blog Shop
  • Course Crush Quick Start: How to Pick Crazy Awesome Course Topics People Love
  • Create Your Digital Product Launch Plan
  • Fill-in-the-Blank eBook & Optin Freebie Templates
  • Product Launch Power Pack
  • Profitable Tripwires Training
  • Teach to Reach Workshop
  • The Ultimate Printables Kit
  • Undated Weekly Planner Template: Commercial Use
  • Your Digital Product Blueprint

Graphic and Design

  • 100 Unique Lifestyle Stock Images for Bloggers
  • Canva Easy Design Pin Templates
  • Instagram Social Media Templates for Canva Users
  • Special GBTK Graphics Kit for Canva
  • The Image Lab CORE

Email Marketing

  • Email List Building Crash Course
  • Build Your List 101: How to Grow Your Email List - Even if You’re Starting from Scratch!
  • Email Structure Cheat Sheets
  • Opt-In Magic
  • The Hot List
  • Welcome Series in a Weekend

Social Media

  • 4 Day Facebook Fixup Challenge
  • Instagram 101 for Creative Businesses: Boost Followers & Sales
  • Pin Practical Primer Starter Kit
  • Pinterest and Tailwind Hacks
  • Pintastic Hashtag Swipe File
  • Pinterest Marketing 101
  • Profitable Facebook Group Workshop: Create & Leverage A Group To Build Community & Increase Sales
  • Social Media Content Calendar
  • Social Media Scheduling Like The Pros
  • The Pinfluence Playbook: How to Grow Your Website Traffic Exponentially With Pinterest
  • The Video Pin Starter Kit
  • Your Social Plan: Social Media Planner for One Month

Finance & Legalese

  • CCPA Compliance Masterclass for Bloggers
  • Privacy Policy Template
  • Sponsored Posts Contract Template

Get Started

  • 100 Ways To Make Money Blogging
  • 28 Day Blog Launch Calendar
  • Biz Alchemy Secrets
  • Exclusive Blogging Myths & Strategy Secrets Revealed
  • Mom Blogging Mentor
  • The Niche Choosing Playbook

Podcasting & Video

  • Booked Out Podcast: How to Find & Pitch Guests for Your Show
  • How To Use The Power of Video To Effectively Gain Mass Appeal
  • Plan Your Money Making Webinar to Make Sales Over & Over Again
  • Ready, Set... RECORD!
  • Profit Lab Masterclass

Productivity & Organization

  • 30 Day Goal Crusher for Bloggers
  • Deluxe Blogging Binder Printables
  • Monthly Blog Income PlannerThe Fundamental Blog Planner
  • Trello Tracking Board for the Genius Blogger's Toolkit

Traffic & SEO

  • Blog Health Checkup Schedule: Keep Your Blog Healthy with Preventative Maintenance
  • Holiday Spike
  • Ramp Up Your Visibility
  • SEO Jumpstart: Search Engine Optimization for Bloggers
  • SEO Secrets

Website & Tech

  • Life After Blog Setup
  • New Blog Tonight
  • The WordPress Studio

Plus these bonuses:

  • $25 Credit from SaneBox
  • 3 Months Free from MeetEdger2 Months Free of Stencil Unlimited
  • Focus Blend Aroma Therapy
  • 28 day extended free trial from Podia worth $79 for new customers or a 30-minute coaching call with our Director of Creator Success to help you break through any obstacles you're facing in your digital product business for existing customers
  • 4 Months Free Membership to the VA Business Lounge from Harrelson MediaFREE Site Scan + Content Audit Statistical Report from The Blog Fixer
  • 3 Months Access to the 2020 Blogger Breakthrough Summit Sessions
  • 2 Months Free on Any Plan from Wordable worth $40-$200 depending on plan chosen
  • 6 Months Free of QuizPipe at the Enterprise Tier from Clean Commit
  • 15 Styled Stock Photos + Editable Social Media Templates from Haute Stock
  • 60 DAY FREE Trial of Convertkit worth $58 for new customers or 10 FREE Visual Automations worth $290 for existing customers
  • 3 Months Free from Tailwind worth $45 for new customers and a new private beta tool for existing customers 
  • 3 months free on the PRO plan from SocialBee